Testing the waters


It seems like people aren’t blogging very much any more. Why, I don’t know. Is it because of Facebook? I had a blog for several years that got a fair amount of traffic, at least by my modest standards, and I had a lot of fun with it until a couple of members of my own family found it and caused a noticeable drop in the atmosphere. The only way I could think of to extricate myself was simply to shut down the whole thing. Since then (and that was 2007ish) I have made sporadic attempts to start blogging again but somehow I’ve never been able to get up the same momentum. Hopefully this time will be different. Facebook is great for some stuff, but it is a very different thing from a blog.

So, Noon Observations? Well I don’t know if I will be making my observations precisely at noon. Or I may make them at noon, but publish them later. The phrase itself — and doesn’t Noon Observations have a nice ring to it? — the phrase itself is nautical, and pertains to celestial navigation. In the olden days before there was GPS, sailors used to chart their course using a thing called a sextant. Some sailors still do it today. You can click on this image to see how it is done.

I have been a lover of boats and water and sea stories and nautical jargon for my whole life. I believe my first introduction to the romance of the sea was William Steig’s picture book Amos & Boris. Was there ever a more charming vessel than the mouse’s little ship with its pennant and three portholes?

And, of course, the thing about navigation (celestial or any other) is that it is about finding your way. Nice symbolism for a journal, eh? I hope that making my own noon observations will help me to find my way, and stay on course.