Practice Room 16


Last night I dreamed that I drove 100 miles to go to a concert performed by my sister’s old piano teacher. He was performing in “Practice Room 16” in the music department of a small community college. When I arrived at the college I had a hard time finding Practice Room 16. I wandered up stairs and down halls and noticed a weird mishmash of architectural styles. (If there is a recurring theme in my dreams, it is architecture. There is always a building of some kind, and I am always noticing architectural details. I have dreamed up some beautiful old Victorian houses, ultramodern shopping malls, and much in between. I have no idea why.)

Finally I found the practice room area. However the doors were not numbered in consecutive order so it took a little time to find number 16. The door was solid with no window, so I was surprised when I opened it and found myself not in a small practice room but actually a large recital hall. (Architectural details: floor to ceiling windows on both sides; exposed heavy wooden beams in the ceiling.) The seats were mostly empty. My sister’s old piano teacher had already started playing. It was definitely Chopin, I think a march. Although I would never do this at a concert in real life, in the dream I ignored the fact that he had already started playing and I walked across the hall to take a seat. He glanced up at me as I did this but his expression was unreadable.

As he played I examined the hall more closely. A-ha! I suddenly realized that it was only half the size that it appeared to be. One whole wall was mirrors. There was actually just one bank of windows, half the amount of seats, etc. And then I realized that this was a practice room designed for practicing performing. In real life, some conservatories have small practice rooms with technology that simulates the acoustics of a large hall. Here, however, the idea was to create the experience of performing in front of a large audience in order to practice overcoming stage fright.

Tons of day residue in this particular dream, especially the presence of the piano teacher and the location of the community college. No mystery why those cropped up. However, the idea of using mirrors to create the effect of a large recital hall in order to conquer those performance jitters — that came straight from my own clever brain. I wonder if I could market it.


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