Pillow No. 1


The other day I mentioned that I had started exploring the world of audiobooks & podcasts because I had taken up knitting again. I am making couch cushions. I am not at all a craft-y interior decorator type. In fact I have an extremely high tolerance for mess and grime. But these cushions are so nasty that even I find them offensive. So I got my knitting stuff out of deep storage and found a fun pattern: knitted in the round which I love; with chunky yarn which I also love; with cables on the front and seed stitch on the back which I also love; and the pattern lends itself very well to tweaking which I love the most. My plan is to make 6 cushions, each with a different cable pattern. Or if not 6, then as many as I can until my yarn runs out.

So, the first one is done, yay! I just need to sew the buttons on the back flap and sew up the bottom seam. I swear I will finish it before starting the next one. :-)


4 thoughts on “Pillow No. 1

  1. I always and still do want to know how to knit.I’ve looked around everywhere for knitting classes. Maybe your blog can help me. Keep up the great work!

  2. It looks lovely! I adore the look of knitted pillows, maybe after I’m finished with my holiday knitting I can finally work on some! Thanks for sharing the pattern, it’ll definitely com in handy :)

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