Classical Music 101


So, do you like classical music? Surely I’m not the only one out here in the blogosphere who listens to it all day long. If you do too, please leave a comment and tell me what you are listening to!

If you find classical music intimidating, may I suggest? Pick ONE piece and listen to it over and over. Just put it on repeat play and make it your constant background. Have it on while you’re cooking dinner, while you’re blogging, while you’re driving in your car — make it your personal soundtrack. You don’t have to sit and listen. Just absorb it as you go about your day. Do this until you know the piece so well that you can sing along with it from start to finish. When you have gotten to that point, find another recording of the same piece, by a different performer. Now is the time to sit and listen! Listen closely and see if you can notice differences in the two performances. Do you like one better than the other? And that’s it — now you can go pick another piece.

A variation on this idea is to get tickets to a concert, preferably well in advance. Create a playlist of everything that’s going to be on the program, make it your personal soundtrack as described above, and when the time comes you will LOVE the live performance. (Hint: you can do this with children too. Put that background music on while they’re doing their homework or playing with their Legos. Every day for a month! Then take them to the concert.)

Soooooo… here is a movement from one of my favorite pieces by one of my favorite composers, Robert Schumann. Hope you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Classical Music 101

  1. I studied music at university a lifetime ago and it so put me off listening. But I’m gradually getting back to the classical pieces I used to love. Allegri’s ‘Miserere’ is my music of choice at the moment – a soaring melody is guaranteed to lift my heart!

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