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Well… if anybody should happen to stumble across this… it should be obvious that I am quite the on-again off-again blogger. Lately the urge to rejoin the blogosphere, such as it is, has been welling up in me again, so here I am. In honor of my revivification I have changed themes and cleaned things up a bit. (Btw, I LOVE this new theme, writr. The circular doodad at the top perfectly suits my circular gravatar, don’t it? Very nice typography too.)

So. I have been knitting up a storm lately. About six months ago I learned how to knit socks, and I have been doing nothing but knit socks ever since. Socks are fun because:

  • they don’t take very long to make
  • the heel makes a nice milestone (halfway!), to give you that sense of accomplishment
  • if your two socks don’t turn out identical, or if you screw up a bit, who cares? No one looks that closely at other people’s socks.
  • It’s a relatively cheap project. One skein of yarn makes a pair of socks and costs around $20, whereas the same quality of yarn for a sweater would be over $100.

The PROBLEM with socks is that it is so tempting to stockpile yarn. Because like I said, one skein makes a pair, so you don’t have to have a pattern in mind before you buy. You know you will use it eventually, somehow. And sock yarn comes in the most amazing colors. I went to a fiber show last weekend, my first ever, and came home with this:


The fiber show was very cool. Way bigger than I expected. I have no interest in spinning my own yarn, but watching other people do it, I could kind of see the appeal. Knitting is a sensory pleasure for me, I love the feel of good yarn in my hands, and I imagine spinning also feels good. Still, not going there.

Here are some other pics from the show. I was totally not expecting this…

awww cute, but not going there either... whoa!


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